Empower children to know who they are - DJ Switch - DJ SWITCH

Empower children to know who they are - DJ Switch

 Date: Apr - 19 - 2021 , 09:05

BY: Jayne Buckman-Owoo
DJ Switch urges parents to empower their children
DJ Switch
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Since she won Talented Kidz in 2017 at age nine with her deejaying skills, Erica Armah-Bra Bulu Tandoh popularly known as DJ Switch, has wowed audiences in Ghana and other parts of the world as a child celebrity.

Unlike some child celebrities who let the attention get into their heads, DJ Switch is grounded, focusing on her books all the while doing what she loves (working the turntables) with the support of her family.

In an interview with Graphic Showbiz, DJ Switch said children should be encouraged to explore their talents. “We should be more empowered and inspired to realise who we really are so that we don’t become afraid to tell people who we really are.”

Speaking on how it feels like to be a child celebrity, she said it was good. “It feels good to inspire people with your talent, to let people realise your full potential and know who you are.

“It has been good and tough because of what I do, you face a lot of challenges such as going to programmes and your machine blowing up so I will say it has been good and tough,” she said.

When Graphic Showbiz asked whether she had suffered any discrimination because she was a child, she replied that “In everything that you do, there will be positives and negatives so you just have to flow with the positives and move on.”

Touching on some of the challenges that come with being a celebrity, DJ Switch, now 13 years old, said, “You get a lot of negative comments about what you do even if it is right because people expect more from you but it’s all good.”

According to the teenager, her parents hired professional DJs from her hometown to teach her the craft and it took her just five days to learn.

The young talent also doubles as a musician and she has released three singles (Deceiver, Success, Pardon) and one cover (Mother’s Love). The songwriting duties are split among herself, her parents and her producers.

She gave a peek of what the future holds for her. “I want to be a gynaecologist in future and also use my music and my foundation (DJ Switch Foundation) to let people know who they really are, believe in themselves and do what they really want to do.”

“Lots of young boys and girls don’t know who they are, they are shy and afraid to go out there and tell people who they really are. A number of young people are now DJs because they are inspired by me so I want to use my foundation to help them.”

DJ Switch is a final year student of Talented Royals International School located at Weija.

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